Fan carves Astros pitcher Dallas Keuchel into pumpkin

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Some Houston Astros are raving about the newest artwork depicting them as carved pumpkins.

They're being done by a Spring real estate agent who is not even an artist.

For Corey Middleton, the road to fame began a year ago with a smash hit, or more like a squash hit.

"So I carved one of JJ Watt coming out of the tunnel," Middleton said.

His masterpiece drew big applause on Facebook but no response from Watt. So this Halloween, he's at it again, turning his carving talent to Astros pitcher, Dallas Keuchel.

"I posted it on Twitter and said 'This is what you get when you kick butt in October.'"

"He responded 'That's legit. Not even going to lie.' And when he did that, my Twitter blew up."

Middleton was in the ABC13 studio Thursday morning carving the Eyewitness News morning team, sketching and then etching their smiling faces.

He was a talented painter as a child, winning best of show at the rodeo, but his pumpkin carving was admittedly amateur. But now he's finally doing it right and planning something even bigger as the Astros come home for game 3.

"Any conversation about the Astros you've got to include Altuve, and the fact that I don't have him on a pumpkin is a crying shame," Middleton said.

He won't say exactly what's in store but promises it will be on Twitter soon. He's getting calls from people asking him to carve them a pumpkin, but he can't afford to give up his job that pays the bills.

Middleton wants to challenge you. Show us your best Astros-themed pumpkin. Use #abc13astrospumpkin on social media.

A 10-foot tall rooster, free hot dogs, head-shaving and pumpkin carvings: We've got all the World Series bases covered.

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