Prowler in Montrose writes his name on victim's property

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A woman said she learned the identity of a man trying to break into her brother's home after finding his name written on a table in the backyard.

Glenda Trawhon is taking care of her brother's historic Montrose home while he recovers from a stroke.

While her brother was still in the hospital, Trawhon caught a man on surveillance camera hopping the 10-foot fence surrounding the Westheimer home and trying to get inside.

She said they were not able to get inside the home or get away with anything significant.

Trawhon showed the surveillance video to a neighbor.

"He recognized the guy and thought his name could be Jimbo or something," Trawhon recalled. "I said, 'Could it be Rambo, because Rambo wrote his name on the table out back.'"

The woman spoke to the man on the phone and told him not to come back or she would show the surveillance video of him in the backyard to police.

"He says, 'That was really stupid. I don't know why I did it,'" the man told Trawhon on the phone.

Over the last few weeks, surveillance video has shown the same man along with others in the backyard again.

Trawhon said they still have not taken anything significant, but they have cost her thousands of dollars.

She is having to replace a door they tried to use a crow bar to get inside of. She installed a pricey security system and even hired an armed guard.

"If I was in here and they were trying to get in the way they were, I would certainly shoot them," Trawhon said. "They are going to go into the wrong house, wrong yard and someone is going to get hurt or killed."

She is hoping someone will help her identify all four of the men.

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