Protecting your home for $20 or less

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Protecting your home for $20 or less (KTRK)

For $20 a camera, Christina Barbaric was impressed with the Wyze Camera cubes.

"I can setup different cameras at different locations in my house and I can see everything around me, and I can do it all through the app on my phone," Barbaric said.

The setup is simple and provides high definition video quality. The High-Tech Texan, Michael Garfield, says it's triggered by motion detection and stores videos in the cloud for 14 days. It's also equipped with a two-way speaker and microphone.

"If you want to monitor your kids, it's easy to hear them and talk to them," Garfield said.

Many times, if a burglar sees a security camera, chances are they'll move on to the next home. For under $8, a fake camera can look like the real deal. Install them near entryways where they can easily be spotted.

According to the FBI, 36 percent of residential break-ins occur during the day. In many cases, point of entry is through the front door, because the hardware is faulty or too weak.

"The screws, which you normally find in door jams, are very small," Garfield explained.

Simply replacing the shorter screws that hold in the strike plate with longer three-inch screws will sure up your door's security, or take it a step further with a double strike plate.
"Then you've got a very heavily, very reinforced front door or back door," Garfield said.

For those side entries of the home, a window and door alarm could help you there. A two-pack sells for under $10. When triggered, it sets off a 120-decibel alarm.

If you're concerned about windows, a window shatter alarm may be a good choice. Just stick it on the window and you're set. If a criminal breaks the window, it's triggered by vibration.

If you don't have a security system, make them think you do.

"Fake it, and that is getting some signs like this, very simple to do. You can get a four-pack, signs for the inside and outside, stickers for your window for under $15," Garfield said.

Lastly, criminals tend to choose homes where they believe no one is home. A smart socket allows you to turn on a lamp or appliance from your smartphone.

Here are the items mentioned in our story and links to where you can purchase them. Note: Prices of each product tend to fluctuate over time, but all should be no more than $20:

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