Why your apps could help hackers steal and sell your information on the dark web

Most people are getting better at protecting basic credit card and bank information, and cyber criminals know it.

That's why the hottest thing on the dark web right now, where you can search by seller, domain, and locations, are accounts you probably don't think about.

"One thing to realize is hackers are going to target any site at this point becase they know they can get the financial data anywhere," said Leah Napoliello, senior director of Investigative Services at the Better Business Bureau.

That also includes smaller targets like ride sharing or food ordering apps and Venmo, according to Napoliello.

"They are commonly used in public spaces over public WiFi which is very vulnerable, too," explains Napoliello.

So how do you protect yourself?

"Make sure you're updating the app regularly so it gets the most up-to-date security features installed. If there are any hacking issues, the new security installation will take care of that," said Napoliello.

Don't save your credit card information into these apps and try not to shop when using public WiFi to avoid getting your credit card information stolen.

"It's usually posted on the dark web and anyone can go on there and purchase it at that point that has access to the dark web," said Napoliello.

The Better Business Bureau says if you feel that your information has been hacked, notify your bank and credit card company immediately.
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