'DNA' for valuable property helps law enforcement return stolen items

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Microchip technology is now being used to help solve thefts.

Harris County Precinct 1 staff trained on the new technology called "Protech DNA" Tuesday. They're learning how to scan stolen and lost items to return them to their owner.

The product uses tiny chips to help you keep track of anything, even if it gets stolen.

"From the naked eye you can't see the liquid, you cant see the chip," says Precinct 1 Constable, Alan Rosen.

In an effort to recover stolen property, insurance companies have invested in the technology. The chips come in a ketchup sized kit, and can be used on up to one hundred items.

You swab your product, which leaves behind the tiny chips. If you have something stolen and then recovered, Precinct 1 now has the tools to scan the items and return them.

"This new technology enables us to rapidly identify who the owner is, contact them, and get it back to them as soon as possible," Rosen said.

People who have been victim of theft think this is a game changer.

"If someone stole it and you have a way to get it back, I think it's a fantastic idea," theft victim Renee says. "I think it's excellent that the city is taking time to help citizens deter crime and figure out a way to solve these petty thefts."

Rosen is hopeful this will curb crime.

"As a victim of a crime that's what you want, you want the person held accountable that stole from you, and you want your property back," Rosen said.

Precinct 1 is offering these kits for free. If you're interested, call 713-755-5200.

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