Olympic hopeful Stephanie Bruce inspires women with "real" post-baby body photos

Olympic hopeful Stephanie Rothstein Bruce, wasn't trying to inspire anyone when she started posting photos and videos on Instagram about her post-pregnancy body struggles, but that's exactly what happened. Her incredibly honest photos and blog show the not-so-pretty-side of being a new mom.

"No one tells you how much your body changes," said Bruce. "I think my message was just brutal and raw honestly."

Bruce's abdominal muscles split during pregnancy to make room for her growing baby, creating a cavity in the middle of her stomach. Bruce's experience is similar to a lot of women and she uses her Instagram page to talk about the changes that every body goes through after giving birth, however unappealing they are to look at.

"I used the #keepitreal and #journeywithsteph so women knew even someone who runs at a high level for her job has bowel incontinence and flabby skin around my tummy," said Bruce.

It's a message that is resonating with women around the globe who have praised Bruce's refreshing honesty.

"I'm just overwhelmed and humbled at how many women this resonated with and see me as a inspiration," said Bruce. "There are plenty of more inspiring women out there, I just chose to be open and share my journey and experience."

Bruce has more than 44,000 followers on Instagram who love her candor, message and mission.

"I want women to feel comfortable and confident in their post baby bodies because you didn't do something wrong giving birth, you created life and that stuff is hard," said Bruce.
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