"The Princess of Boxing" shares her message for girls, women

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Jennifer "Jiffy" Morales has a message for young girls and women: "We fight harder, we learn quicker, and we're tougher," says Morales.

And, she's proof.

Dubbed "The Princess of Boxing", she's taken a sport that some say isn't for women and turned it into a positive practice.

"I just want to little girls to know that they can go after what they want, and they can be both - they can be pretty, and they can be tough."

It was a lesson that took time for Morales to learn. "I fought a lot," she says, talking about her childhood.

So, at 20 years old, she decided to release her aggression inside the ring instead of on the streets.

"It helped me tremendously with my grades. I have two degrees now. I was honor roll the whole time...I wouldn't be in such a good place," she says.

By day, she now works as a mental health technician and patient advocate. By night, Morales wraps her hands and slides them into her boxing gloves. She trains five to six days a week. That's because she has a big goal.

"Next week is the National Boxing Championship for USA," says Morales. She'll be taking a jab at the national title for her weight class.

From there, she hopes to qualify for the 2016 or 2020 Olympic team.

For Morales, being "The Princess of Boxing" is about sharing her love for a sport that changed her life with others.

"Boxing is my everything. Boxing is my heart. Boxing is my soul. Boxing is me," she adds.
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