Video captures vicious club fight involving pregnant woman

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A pregnant woman is recovering after she claims she was stabbed during a fight at a Pittsburgh night club, and the incident was caught on camera.

Video shows Ebony Parran, who's five months pregnant, and Jasmine Harden arguing. Witnesses say the two women were fighting over comments made on Facebook.

Moments later, Parran leans into Harden and the fight turns physical. Harden punches Parran and the two women are kicking each other in the stomach.

"That's my child and it's not even here yet to defend itself," Parran told WTAE-TV in Pennsylvania.

But the club's manager, Marsha Collins, says the video suggests Parran was the aggressor in the situation and points out the footage shows security guards holding her back.

Parran insists she was the victim.

"I've got bruises on my side, stitches in my shoulder, cuts on my face," Parran said.

Parran also claims she was stabbed during the fight, but Collins doesn't buy that claim.

"If she was stabbed there would be blood on the floor. There would have been flood on the security. Neither," Collins said.

Harden has been charged in the attack.

Parran says her baby is OK.
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