Glitter bomb explodes when commissioner's 8-year-old daughter opens prank package

WAKE COUNTY, N.C. -- A few weeks ago, Wake County Commissioner Greg Ford and his 8-year-old daughter opened a package they had been waiting for.

Ford's daughter ordered an item on Amazon and believed the cylinder tube on the family's doorstep was for her.

As soon as she opened the package, glitter flew from the cylinder and all over the floor.

Inside the package was a note telling Ford to visit a website for a message that said, "Glitter is the herpes of the craft world. Good luck getting rid of it like your bad decisions."

Neither Ford nor his daughter were injured.

The package is what's known as a glitter bomb -- a device used to prank the receiver.
In the cylinder is a spring that is set to trigger when opened.

"Anytime we get to a point where somebody thinks it's okay to send a device like that to somebody's home and just not even think a child could open it, or an adult can be harmed in opening could have gone a completely different way," said Ford.

Ford sent the package to the district attorney's office, who has since decided no criminal activity occurred, thus there will be no investigation.

The package was sent by an anonymous sender via the website
Anybody looking to pull a prank can purchase a glitter bomb and have it mailed. The website claims packages are "100 percent anonymous."

The return address on the package is listed as El Posible, PO Box 640235, Oakland Gardens, NY 11364, which is a Queens address.

A representative for the Wake County commissioners believes the sender is somebody local who is upset over the commissioner's position and sale of Crooked Creek Golf Course in Fuquay-Varina.

However, that belief is just an assumption, according to the representative.
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