Porch pirate steals from Houston bride-to-be and then trashes loot in the street

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A bride-to-be will have a slightly different wedding look when she says 'I do,' because of a porch pirate.

Last week, the woman, who asked to be identified as Elle, had a package stolen from her porch. In it were the shoes and veil she had ordered for her wedding.

The thief was recorded on her Ring video doorbell getting out of a car, walking up to the door with his face on camera, then walking away, package in hand.

"It apparently wasn't the look he was going for," Elle said. "A neighbor found the shoes and the veil in the middle of the street. He dumped them there, and the box was thrown into a field."

Elle said both of the stolen items were returned to her, but she's not going to wear them.

"That's not how I want to remember my special day," she said.

Two days later in the Heights, another delivery thief struck the home of Christy Sherrick and her husband. They, too, have a Ring video doorbell.

"I got an alert on my phone, and I called FedEx to tell them a guy was following their truck and stealing packages," Mr. Sherrick said. "It didn't help."

The video shows the thief struggling to haul off a large box. In it was a high-end office chair intended for the couple's home office. A second box taken contained a pair of steer horns.

"It was surprising because we have a Ring and the person taking the packages didn't seem to care or be troubled by the fact he was on video," Christy said.

Ring also has a neighborhood alert for those whose homes are equipped with the security alert doorbell.

"We had people reach out to us on that and on Reddit," Christy said. "They helped identify his car as a 2007 to 2013 Nissan Altima with white markings on either side."

Neither video revealed a license plate number, and while police reports in each case were filed, neither suspect has been identified.

Christy said she is now having packages delivered to her office.

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