Deshaun Watson says Popeyes spicy chicken sandwich was key to injured eye healing

Popeyes chicken sandwiches apparently can do more than satisfy your food cravings. If you're Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, the coveted sandwich may have some healing power.

Watson's eye was injured when he took a cleat to the face during last week's win over the Oakland Raiders.

On Sunday after the Texans beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 26-3 in the Texans' first-ever game at London's Wembley Stadium, the Houston star made the comment that the key to his eye feeling better was the Popeyes chicken sandwich.

"I'll tell you what the key was -- the Popeyes spicy chicken sandwiches that I ate this week, that helped the eye," he told NFL Network.

When he talked to reporters during the postgame interview at the podium, a member of the media followed up with Watson about the magic we never knew that sandwich had.

"Man, shout out to Popeyes. They sent me, I shouldn't be eating fast food, but I don't know, I guess my background is just, I love it, so I don't know, it just kind of, we got ties, shout out to Popeyes," Watson said.

He also confirmed he was one of the lucky foodies to get the sandwich when its popularity first started to soar.

"I did actually. I tried to, I tried it a couple of times and it was actually good. Decent," he assessed.

Sure, we know the sandwich didn't really help, but it's still fun to dream.

The comment was particularly timely because Popeyes brought back the wildly popular sandwich Sunday after promising its return for two months.

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The fast-food chain tried to launch the sandwich back in August, but it sold out two weeks later with company leaders saying they couldn't keep up with demand.

The sandwich went viral after a Twitter feud, later named Chicken Wars, broke out between many fast-food chains debating who makes the best fried chicken sandwich.

It may also not be a coincidence that Popeyes chose Sunday to bring it back. The chain has notoriously mocked their competitor, Chick-fil-A, for their "closed on Sunday" policy.

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