Fierce and Fun! These little swimmers strut goes viral

When you're 5 years old, there are few things better than a pool party. Except maybe a pool party with a theme song!

The adorable Instagram video captured by Mom, Angel Dixon, shows six girls sashaying down the hallway of Washington D.C. hotel, to celebrate the little unicorn princess in front, Lyric Angel's, 5th birthday.

Dixon told ABC News she got the girls a room so they could have an epic slumber party.

In case you're wondering, the woman singing that catchy song, now dubbed "Da Pool," is Lyric's grandmother, Crystal.

She was trying to get the girls hyped for the pool while they were waiting for the other girls to arrive. The girls were getting impatient so she distracted them with a song.

Their viral swim strut has been shared all over social media, including by Naomi Campbell and Jada Pinkett Smith saying these girls are a "mood."
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