Allergy sufferer's worst nightmare: Helicopter stirs up cloud of pollen in Georgia forest

FRANKLIN, Ga. -- Be warned, allergy sufferers: this video is the stuff of nightmares.

Footage from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources shows a helicopter stirring up a frightening amount of tree pollen as it passes low over the West Point Wildlife Management Area, a nearly 9,000-acre property in west-central Georgia.

Commenters on Facebook joked about the sheer amount of pollen seen in the air as the chopper passed over, saying the footage is "killing my sinuses just looking at it" and quipping that "my allergies flared up just watching this."

Those who suffer from seasonal allergies are in for a tough few months. According to AccuWeather's 2019 spring allergy forecast, tree pollen is already at high levels in some parts of the country and is only expected to get worse in the coming weeks. In areas like the Northeast and Midwest that have seen cooler weather, pollen will "come out quite fast and strong from April into May," according to AccuWeather.

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