Voting this year? Hear what the experts have to say

Voting this year? Hear what the Harris County Clerk has to say about how you can cast your ballot this 2020 election during our Facebook Live!

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Speaker: Chris Hollins - Chief Election Official of Harris County

As Chief Election Official of Harris County, the County Clerk has the responsibility of carrying out statutory electoral functions outlined by federal and state laws. Some of the County Clerk's electoral functions include: Provide training to all Presiding and Alternate Election Judges to ensure the proper execution of state and federal election law during each county/federal election. Creating the ballot for county, state and federal elections in a manner provided by the state law. Establishing the number of early voting locations in Harris County and schedule of voting hours (subject to approval by Commissioners Court). Securing Election Day polling locations (subject to approval by Commissioners Court). Securing the County's election equipment and maintenance of equipment. Accepting requests for ballots to be sent by mail and processing all returned ballots for tabulation. Storing official campaign disclosure forms for local candidates. Archiving official election results and voter histories for Harris County and reporting this information to the Secretary of State for the district, statewide, and federal offices.

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More about Houston County Clerk:
In short, the County Clerk is the administrator of elections and works with the Commissioners Court, the Tax Assessor-Collector, the major political parties and other stakeholders to establish an elections infrastructure that facilitates access to the voting process to the citizenry of the third-largest county in the United States.

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