Texas Rep. Ron Reynolds declares bankruptcy

MISSOURI CITY, TX (KTRK) -- Texas Representative Ron Reynolds has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

According to court documents, Reynolds claims he owes $1.3 million to creditors, including $3,000 just in unpaid tolls. He claimed assets including his home, valued at over $558,000.

The Missouri City democrat says he's only made $4,000 so far this year. Compare that to last year, when he claimed income over $181,000.

He was convicted last year in Montgomery County of illegally soliciting clients. His license to practice law was suspended as result of the conviction. He's appealing the conviction.

In April, a judge ordered Reynolds to pay over $500,000 to a former client after ruling he failed to pay her the money she was due from a settlement. Nancy Calloway's daughter was killed in an awful wreck in 2010. Calloway told us in May she wasn't buying her daughter's headstone until Reynolds gave her the money he owed.

"I want to put 'Rest in peace.' That's what you put. It's been six years," said Calloway.

Reynolds is in a bid for re-election and some consider him to be the favorite in the heavily democratic district he represents. He has a fundraiser set for next Tuesday.

Refusing to talk specifics about the bankruptcy, he tells us in part, "I'm staying focused on serving my community and being the voice that speaks out for them on the issues that matter to them, like school funding, affordable healthcare, economic development and criminal justice reforms."

Reynolds has said previously his legal troubles are personal issues that will not affect his ability to legislate.
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