Texas marriage law could help Houston rapper seeking 'divorce' from Iggy Azalea

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Was pop star Iggy Azalea ever common-law married to Houston rap producer Maurice Williams?

Williams, who has legally changed his name to Enzo Weinberg, told Eyewitness News that the pair decided on marriage in 2008, when Azalea was still a teenager who just came to the United States from Australia.

"In spite of what's out there, we were in love, and we were married so, you know these are her words," Williams told Eyewitness News in a recent interview.

In various court filings, Azalea has denied the common-law marriage. The court filings had accused Williams of various degrees of wrong doing. On Wednesday, the ongoing battle is spilled over into an entirely new lawsuit.

"We filed a petition against the bail bonds companies to get his money back, and my legal fees," said attorney Pelton, who is representing Williams in the civil lawsuit against several bonding companies.

The genesis of the latest lawsuit is complicated. Williams has a long criminal history, including a charge of allegedly hitting the mother of one of his kids. His lawyers now claim the bondsmen related to that assault case got Williams' bond revoked in late 2014. They claim the reason the bonding companies took such action was because Williams filed the divorce claim against Azalea.

"Once he filed the divorce case against her, her team started doing all these things that I think are corrupt," said Pelton.

Azalea is not involved in the new lawsuit. Though her name is used in the court documents. As both sides continue their wranglings in court, Williams, aka Weinberg, insists He still loves the pop star.

"I'm not in love with her, but I still love her. I still care about her," he said.

We did contact Azaleas representatives. They have not yet responded to Eyewitness News.
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