'They're not intellectual people': Teacher under fire for anti-military rant

PICO RIVERA, California (KTRK) -- A teacher and city council member has not specifically commented about his rant on the U.S. military during class at a school east of Los Angeles.

In the video, history teacher Gregory Salcido can be heard saying, "They're not like high level thinkers. They're not academic people. They're not intellectual people. They're the freakin' lowest of our low" when talking about the military and the caliber of people who he says choose to sign up.

The rant was secretly recorded by a student who then posted it online.

Local officials are also upset because Salcido is a council member.

The mayor of Pico Rivera says he plans to remove Salcido from all committees.

The school board is investigating.

Salcido posted on Facebook saying, "I don't think it's wise for me to make any specific comments, but I want my friends, family and students to know we are fine and we respect the rights of free expression for all individuals."
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