Rep. Al Green joins growing list of Democrats boycotting inauguration

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Texas Congressman Al Green has joined about 50 other lawmakers across the country in boycotting the presidential inauguration.

"I cannot participate in the inauguration of a person who calls women 'dogs,'" Green said.

He has not announced what he will be doing at 8am on Jan. 20th, but Green knows he will not be with President-elect Donald Trump.

"He has made it very comfortable for people who promote bigotry and hate to be comfortable with his rhetoric and his campaign," Green said. "I would be a participant by being on the stage with him. I decline to do so, respectfully decline to do so."

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ABC News reports more than 50 Democratic congresspeople plan on skipping the inauguration. Texas Democratic Representative Gene Green will not be among them.

Green's media team sent Eyewitness News a statement explaining why he will be attending, saying in part, "I am attending for the same reasons that Secretary Clinton decided to attend -- patriotism and a deep commitment to our Republic, not to endorse President-elect Trump. President-elect Trump lost our district by a significant margin and does not represent the values of our community."

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee will be in Washington D.C. during the inauguration, but her media team would not disclose whether or not she will be attending the actual ceremony.
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