Police called on black lawmaker visiting voters in Oregon neighborhood

HAPPY VALLEY, Oregon (KTRK) -- An Oregon state lawmaker had the police called on her while she was visiting voters.

State representative Janelle Bynum was going door-to-door to meet constituents earlier this week.

Bynum, who is black, was in a predominantly white area.

A woman called police, thinking Bynum's actions were suspicious because Bynum didn't stop by her house.

Bynum didn't say this was a case of racism, but believes some type of bias was at play.

"As an African-American, I am very sensitive to being accused and very sensitive to people automatically assuming things about a person without ever having talked to them," Bynum said.

The woman explained to a local TV station in Oregon that Bynum's race was not a factor. She said she had watched Bynum knock on the door of seven different houses and called because of neighborhood safety.

"For no apparent reason (she's) walking from house to house, and she's not in any business or have any badge or anything," the caller told dispatch.

"I live in this neighborhood. I feel like I should be able to walk anywhere I want without being second-guessed," Bynum said.

Bynum spoke on the phone with the caller, who apologized to her.
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