Texas lawmaker claims to be facing retaliation over 'masturbation bill'

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Claims of retaliation over so-called 'masturbation bill' in the state house. (KTRK)

The Texas lawmaker behind the controversial, so-called 'masturbation bill' claims she's now facing retaliation in the state House.

According to The Texas Tribune, State Rep. Jessica Farrar, D-Houston, claims some Republican lawmakers are working to block her unrelated legislation in response to House Bill 4260.

On Tuesday, Rep. Farrar went before the House to discuss House Bill 744, a completely unrelated piece of legislation that involves allowing the recovery of attorney's fees from other state legal entities.

The bill initially passed the House with a 73-72 vote. But it was called to what's known as a verify vote because of the close voting results.

During Rep. Farrar's time on the House floor, she was asked by State Rep. Matt Rinaldi, R-Irving, if this was also "satirical legislation".

In a statement to the Texas Tribune, Rep. Farrar claimed the vote was called as a way for those who voted in opposition to HB744 to show their disapproval of the unrelated HB4260.

Rep. Farrar told reporters Tuesday it was, in her opinion, "A group of Republican men were looking to put a woman in her place." She also referred to the vote on HB744 as "retaliatory".

Rep. Rinaldi defended his comments and the vote in a statement to The Texas Tribune saying, "When a representative admits to filing bills for satire and treats serious matters of life and death like abortion as a laughing matter, it calls into question the intent behind their entire body of work."

HB744 did pass with a 75-70 vote in the verifying vote.

Rep. Farrar admits the legislation known as the 'masturbation bill' is satirical and was filed as an attempt to draw attention to the medical requirements for Texas women. It calls for regulations penalizing men for masturbation and would create a required booklet with information on the risks associated with vasectomies, prescriptions for Viagra and colonoscopies.

Bill proposed to regulate masturbation for men
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The bill promotes abstinence or occasional self-gratification inside a medical facility.

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