Lt. Gov. discusses potential impact of Texas "bathroom bill"

AUSTIN, Texas (KTRK) -- Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick turned a lot of heads when last week he announced Senate Bill 6.

A bill that "codifies what has been common practice in Texas and everywhere else forever - that men and women should use separate, designated bathrooms."

"I didn't start the fight, but my job as Lt. Governor is to represent the will of the people in Texas," Patrick said. "The will of the people, Democrats and Republicans, depending on the demographics, 75 to 80 percent don't want their kids sharing bathrooms, lockers in locker rooms."

It is a response to Houston's failed Equal Rights Ordinance, an effort in Ft. Worth schools, and even President Barack Obama's direction last year that people could use a public or school restroom according to the sex to which they identified themselves, regardless of their birth gender.

"No government entity can tell businesses what to do. Let business decide. Let the customers decide by walking in or out of their store whether or not they like the bathroom policy."

Despite suggestions this would economically hurt Texas as a similar bill did North Carolina, and despite immediate protests of the bill's language - Patrick says this is not discriminatory.

"This is privacy, comfort, common sense, and public safety. And that's why we're doing it."

Senate Bill 6 is sure to be a big issue this session.
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