Amy Klobuchar hammers Pete Buttigieg over Senate impeachment comments

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar is unloading on former Mayor Pete Buttigieg at Democrats' presidential debate for saying that watching the chaos in Washington almost made him want to change the channel to cartoons.

"It's easy to go after Washington," she said Friday, but "it's much harder to lead."

Klobuchar took Buttigieg to task especially for his mockery of the Senate impeachment proceedings. She noted the "courageous" votes of Democratic Alabama Sen. Doug Jones and Republican Utah Sen. Mitt Romney. Both men voted to convict Trump - Romney on one count - and remove him from office.

In her sharpest blow, Klobuchar implicitly compared Buttigieg's argument to the man Democrats hope to topple in November. "We have a newcomer in the White House now, and look where it got us," she said. "I think having some experience is a good thing."
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