Inside look at immigrant processing centers near Texas border

We're getting a glance inside an immigrant processing center that saw over 1,000 people in just one weekend.

"The capacity of this facility is 1,500 people," said Chief Manuel Padilla Jr. with the Rio Grande Valley Border Protection Sector.

Roughly 22 cells made out of chain link fence line up the walls in the old warehouse, KRGV reported.

Those cells are divided into two separate wings, one for adults and one for children.

The children's wing is then separated into four groups - mothers with children under the age of five, fathers with children under the age of five, and girls and boys.

"The encounter at the field, the family unit is brought over here for processing and then handled," said Chief Padilla.

According to Padilla, a wave of immigrants crossed the border in the month of May and apprehensions have also increased by more than 200 percent.

Because of the amount apprehended, Border Patrol officials say it's a constant struggle to process them in during the maximum 72-hour window allowed.

"When you have these types of numbers what happens is now you have a detention challenge and processing challenge that I have to pull agents away from the line to be able to deal with this situation," said Chief Padilla.

Padilla added that because of this, a constant flow of people are processed at centers like the C.P.C.

Efforts are made to check for identity theft, prosecution efforts, and processing.

Officials also say detainees are given three meals a day and more.

"We have medical personnel that actually do spend time with the children and you will likely see that," Padilla said.

Using an infrared thermometer, agents walk around the facility to make sure the temperature inside stays well within the legal limits of 65-75 degrees.

Detainees are also given blankets made out of mylar, an insulation material developed from insulation used in space exploration.

Agents also said everyone is entitled to a consulate phone call at the center.
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