Take a look inside Harris County's new jury assembly room

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The old cafeteria in the Harris County administration building is no longer serving lunch -- it's now helping people serve on juries. The new temporary basement jury room will seat at least a few hundred at a time.

Jury trials have been stalled since Harvey's flooding left 11 feet of water in the regular jury assembly building. Flood prevention plans were in place, but Harris County District Clerk Chris Daniel says water flowed over the watertight doors.

"It held in the water, creating a giant retention pond," Daniel said.

Officials have since been working on a solution. The temporary jury rooms in the basement and first floors at 1001 Preston could be the home for jurors for at least a year.

They've also had to add new temporary bathrooms outside.

A more permanent solution is still in the air.

In the meantime, juries will begin gathering next week at the new location to help the wheels of justice start turning in once again.

"It will be a new experience but together we will be able to help serve justice in Harris County," Daniel added.

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