Houston Heights voters take to the polls over restaurant, bar alcohol sales

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- This Election Day, voters in the Heights will decide whether or not to relax restrictions governing the sale of alcohol in restaurants and bars.

While voters chose last year to lift a century-old ban on the sale of beer and alcohol at grocery stores, customers at restaurants and bars must still join a private club if they want to drink alcohol. In order to join that club, voters must submit their driver's license for entry into the club's database.

On Tuesday, voters will have the opportunity to lift that requirement.

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Turnout in early voting has so far been dismal. At the end of the early voting period, just over 58,000 people had voted.

Conservative groups opposing the measure historically have good voting records, and experts say they tend to vote more reliably, spelling bad news for those who want the measure to pass.

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