Police track down man accused of stealing family's dog during break-in

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A family is thankful to police for finding and returning their dog after a real-life "dognapping."

"Max," the Ramirez family's pet, was stolen on Dec. 30 from his house near Edgebrook Drive during a break-in. The English bulldog was the only thing taken. Thursday, after he had been missing for two and half a weeks, he was returned to his grateful owners.

Ramirez says she and her husband hired subcontractors to remodel a bathroom. When her husband came home Dec. 30, Max was gone. They reported it to police, but weren't hopeful they'd get Max back. Then, they remembered one of the workers asking a lot of questions. It gave police a good lead.

"Like, how much is he worth? What kind of food do you feed him? Does he have his shots?" Ramirez rattled off.

Fernando Godoy, 33, was arrested and charged with burglary and theft. During his first court appearance, a prosecutor read from court documents that Godoy told police he broke into the family's house after a fight with his girlfriend and eventually gave the dog away for free.

On Thursday, Houston police tweeted about Max's safe return, highlighting officers with the Crime Suppression Team at the Clear Lake Division. The family is grateful to the officers who did not give up.

"They really cared and took the time and effort to find our dog. I'm just glad he's home with us," Ramirez said.

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