Police respond to video of violent arrest of former Texans player

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Police respond to video of former Texan player's arrest (KTRK)

Police are responding after the release of a video showing police pinning and choking former Houston Texans player Desmond Marrow.

He was arrested after a road rage incident in Henry County, Georgia, in December.

As Marrow was already in handcuffs, three officers pinned him to the ground and one officer used his hand to choke him.

Henry County Police Chief Mark Amerman said, "Internal affairs is looking at things, we also have the D.A. looking at things."

The officer seen choking Marrow is now on administrative leave.

When asked if the choke hold was standard procedure, Chief Amerman said, "We are still looking at that, I have concerns."

The situation started after police said Marrow was involved in a road rage incident with two men after Marrow said they threw a coffee cup at his vehicle, WGCL reported.

Robert Swinson and his girlfriend followed Marrow.

"Watched him and the car weave in and out of traffic, one trying to escape and him trying to follow," he said.

They followed the cars into the Target parking lot where Swinson said he tried to de-escalate the situation.

"My thing was they were going to kill somebody in that parking lot, they were going to run over somebody," he said.

Swinson says Marrow wouldn't calm down.

When police arrived, Swinson says, Marrow was resisting arrest.

Marrow was arrested for felony obstruction and reckless driving.

He played briefly for the Texans and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
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