Police: Man tells landlord he's going to rob bank for rent money

A suspected bank robber in Las Vegas spilled the beans before his alleged crime.

According to court documents, he told his landlord that he would hold up the bank for rent money.

A federal complaint says 64-year old Ronald Dufloth robbed a Wells Fargo bank near Sands and Howard Hughes Parkway on Jan. 10.

Court documents say two days before the robbery, Dufloth told his apartment manager at the Siegel Suites that he was going to do the crime to pay his rent.

Neighbors told KSNV that the actions from Dufloth were unnecessary.

When Dufloth was in the bank, he handed the teller a note reading he needed $3,000 -- all in $100 bills.

Dufloth allegedly had a contraption with a red button that looked like an explosive.

"I feel sorry for him. It is hard out here but he shouldn't have done that, " Kordell Jones told KSNV.

Authorities say after reviewing surveillance images, they were able to track down Dufloth to the Siegel Suites he lived at.

After speaking with the apartment manager, police found the Dufloth in his room.

An arrest was immediately made.

Dufloth has pleaded not guilty to robbery related charges.

His trial is set for April 9.
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