Montgomery County police chief confesses some drivers scare 'bejesus' out of him

OAK RIDGE NORTH, Texas (KTRK) -- Facebook seems like a pretty good place for people to air grievances these days, law enforcement included.

A Montgomery County police chief is taking bad drivers to task with both humor and humility in a social media post for the ages.

Oak Ridge North Police Chief Andrew Walters reveals, among other things, that there are two kinds of drivers.

"Us-un's are basically the good, honest, hardworking decent people out there," Walters writes. "You-un's are those rude, abusive, narcissistic, self-gratifying, immature, get the idea."

Walters admitted some of the 'You-un's' are so bad behind the wheel, it "s[]cares the bejesus outta" him.

The post, which was made public by the city on its Facebook page, is perfectly timed for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Walters says speeding in an HOV lane and stopping short of stop signs puts lives at risk, and could spoil your ride to share turkey and stuffing with family and friends.

The police chief says drivers should obey the laws of the road so they can get to their Thanksgiving destinations without hurting themselves, others or getting a citation.

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