Clerk spots 11-year-old who stole grandma's car, went on joyride with friends

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A clerk spotted an 11-year-old driving his grandma's car after stealing it. (KTRK)

Authorities say a boy stole his grandmother's car and went cruising around town with friends on Friday.

They pulled up to a gas station in the middle of the night and the 11-year-old, who was seen in surveillance video wearing a hat, hopped out of the driver's seat.

The clerk, who wanted to remain anonymous, was suspicious and checked the car. That's when the clerk noticed several minors inside of the vehicle.

This was at 1 a.m. and no adults were nearby, so the clerk called police.

Police told KGTV they checked surveillance video, ran the license plate number and called the registered owner who turned out to be the boy's grandmother.

She said she didn't even know the boy or her car were missing.

Police later found them both in front of a home.

Officials say the 11-year-old will not be charged with anything at this time.
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