Research suggests house plants can help protect you from the flu

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Research by the University of Illinois at Chicago suggests that indoor house plants may be able to protect you from illness this flu season.

Colder weather often leads to the sniffles, more people catching colds, or worse, the flu.

One secret weapon to prevent having to deal with the common cold or flu may not be in your medicine cabinet, but on your windowsill.

According to research by the University of Illinois at Chicago, when humidity hits above 40 percent, it's able to reduce the severity and contagious effects of the flu virus.

All plants, with the exception of a few, have the ability to increase humidity levels through transpiration.

Transpiration is a process that occurs when direct sunlight hits the leaves and pulls water from them into the air.

Some good plants to invest in include, the ZZ plant and the Bird Nest Fern.

Bigger plants raise humidity the most, keeping you the healthiest this winter.