Study: Millennials spending big bucks on pizza

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Monday, November 2, 2015
Slices of pizza.
AP Photo/Frank Franklin II

There's one thing Millennials love more than anything else: Pizza.

At least, that's according to money transfer service Venmo.

The company released data to CNN showing what the 20-something crowd spends most of their money on. Across the country, that answer is pizza.

There are a few exceptions. In New York, Millennials spend most of their cash on rent. In Philly, a majority of their cash goes towards beer.

Venmo says it came to the conclusion after monitoring the transactions of Millennials who use the service across the country. Venmo lets you transfer real money to other users in seconds, but you have to include a message when you do. In most cases, users put they were sending over funds to help pay for pizza.

PayPal bought Venmo back in 2013.