Portland family gets free pizza for life for selling home

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015
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A Portland family got free pizza for life just for selling their house (KPTV).

PORTLAND, OR (KTRK) -- A family in Oregon got a little extra when they sold their home: Free pizza for life.

Rob and Holly Marsh put their home on the market. Within days, they received several offers, but the one from pizzeria owner Donna DeNicola really stood out.

His offer for the home was $26,000 over the asking price, KPTV reports. To seal the deal, he offered the family free food.

"I just kind of added, I'll throw in one pizza a month for life," DeNicola said. "I'm willing to do anything because I know this market is crazy."

The family says it was a deal they couldn't refuse. DeNicola says he suspects he'll get to know the family very well over the next several years.

"I'm going to be buying them a pizza for life, so I will know them very well. I'll watch their kids grow up," DeNicola told KPTV.

The pizza deal is worth $10,000 if the family has a free $20 pizza once a month for the next 40 years.