Pillows that will help you sleep and feel better

Wednesday, April 24, 2019
Can a particular pillow really help you sleep better?
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Doctors and researchers weigh in on which pillows keep their promises.

Can a pillow really help you sleep better and feel better by reducing pain and stiffness? Consumer Reports asked doctors and researchers to weigh in on which pillows keep their promises.

Who dreamed up the pillow filled with buckwheat hulls? Despite the strange filling, it's supposed to conform to your neck and keep you cool while sleeping. You may find it too noisy or stiff.

The wedge-shaped pillow, which resembles a door stop, supposedly uses gravity to help with heartburn and sinus pressure. Researchers say it might actually work by keeping your head raised.

The anti-snore pillow is supposed to encourage people to sleep on their sides and thus reduce snoring. Researchers say they're only effective for people who snore while lying on their backs.

L-shaped pillows are designed for side sleepers who should place the pillow between their knees and hug the upper part. Doctors say the pillow could relieve lower back pain by taking stress off the back and hips.

A water pillow lets you customize your pillow's height and firmness by using more or less water. Researchers say they're a good choice for dialing in your comfort.

Finally, the cervical pillow with the dip in the middle is designed to keep your neck supported and your spine in line. Doctors say some manufacturer claims that it provides traction haven't been proven.