Pet dog killed by pack of pit bulls in neighboring lot

PHILADELPHIA -- Philadelphia police are investigating after a pet dog was killed by a pack of pit bulls.

It happened on Sunday in the Olney neighborhood, and the owner of 3-year-old cockapoo Lola says she never had a chance.

Antonette Rivera says the group of neighborhood pit bulls killed Lola Easter Sunday.

"They had her head through the whole fence. The one had her paw, the one had her neck," Rivera said.

The owner of the pit bulls allegedly let them loose in a lot and they targeted Lola in the Riveras' fenced-in backyard in the 5200 block of North American Street.

Lola's so-called sidekick, Max, survived. Rivera and her boyfriend tried to fight off the dogs, but Rivera was attacked, too.

Neighbors said they live in fear of the animals and people run when they see them.

"They'll jump on top of the car if they see them running towards them, coming out the door," Rachel McPherson, who lives next door to them in the 200 block of Wellens Street. "They should be taken before somebody dies, not a dog but a human."

"I('m) careful when I let my dog out. I peek to make sure they are not in the back," Cynthia McDonald of Olney said.

Philadelphia police responded and are still investigating. For now, they have issued a citation to the owner for the Easter incident.

In a statement the animal control and care team of Philadelphia says they have issued numerous citations to the dogs' owner for other incidents. But their "officers cannot file dangerous dog cases or legally remove a dog from an owner's property except in certain circumstances and with an applicable court order."
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