VIDEO: Taser used to end bizarre standoff at Ohio pharmacy

Friday, June 17, 2016
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The burglary suspect attempted to use three different objects against police before the Taser was deployed.

TOLEDO, OH -- A bizarre standoff at a pharmacy ended when police used a Taser to stop a man who allegedly tried to attack police with several odd weapon choices.

Police responded after a burglary alarm went off at the Toledo, Ohio pharmacy.

When they arrived, the suspect was found inside the doorway. They attempted to coax him out, and watched as he came out and then retreated back inside three times.

The man is accused of trying to attack police with a plastic tray used to count pills, a broomstick, and finally, a long piece of metal.

Officers used shotgun pellets to stop the suspect, but he was not phased even when he was struck in the head and the face.

An officer eventually used the Taser to bring down the suspect.

Police say the man had signed himself out of an area hospital before breaking into the pharmacy.