Thieves caught on camera stealing $1,200 dog

DENVER, CO (KTRK) -- Police are looking for two thieves who they say stole a puppy worth $1,200.

The whole heist was caught on surveillance camera at the Aquatic Dog Pet store in Denver, Colorado .

The owner of the pet store, Sheila Vanderveer told 7News Denver that she got a call from a man asking if the store had any Pomeranians. Vanderveer told the caller yes. When she asked for his name and phone number, the man immediately hung up.

Later that same afternoon, two men walked into the shop. The video shows one of the men walking toward the dogs while the other went to distract employees.

"He pushed this cover back and scooped up the puppy and put it under his coat," Vanderveer explained to 7News.

The man then strolled casually out of the store with the dog. His companion followed soon behind him.

That is when Vanderveer sensed something was up.

"As his friend started to leave the store, Greg glanced over and saw that the puppy was missing," she said.

Vanderveer's husband, Greg, chased after the thieves.

"He actually grabbed him, tore his sweater and the guy pulled away," Vanderveer said.

But the men got away. They jumped in a gold Cadillac and sped off.

Now, Vanderveer is hoping someone will see the video, recognize the suspects, and call police. Vanderveer said they had just gotten the female Pomeranian from a breeder the day before. They say the dog is worth about $1,200.

"We're more worried about the puppy than the dollars," said Vanderveer.
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