This giggling Arctic fox is just too cute

This giggling Arctic fox is the cutest animal you'll see on the Internet this week.

Kristina Shafer shared adorable footage of Archer, her giggling 4-year-old fox, to Facebook on Mar. 13. The Michigan-based graphic designer got Archer from a breeder in Indiana, and has looked over the funny fox since it was a cub.

"He's a very vocal, very loving, very happy fox," Shafer told ABC News. "He also does some happy 'screams' and he honestly sounds like a monkey sometimes. He also does a howl whenever he's out in the yard and wants attention or wants to come inside."

While Archer is undoubtedly adorable, Shafer warns that owning an Arctic fox isn't for everyone. The animal requires constant supervision and a lot of patience, Shafer said.

"They're not the easiest pet to have, but I did a lot of research and decided they were for me," Shafer told ABC News. "They take a lot of dedication in terms of training."

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