Chocolate bunny...YES! Live rabbit...NO!

No doubt about it! Bunnies are adorable!

You're looking at cute pictures of Honey and Ferdinand. These beautiful pet rabbits live in a loving home here in Houston and are even great with kids.

But if you are thinking about bringing home a live bunny as an Easter gift, there are some things you should keep in mind.

Pet rabbits can live ten years or more. So that rabbit you give your young child this year, could be yours to take care of when they go off to college.

Despite how cute and cuddly they look, pet rabbits often don't have the best temperament for little kids. Pet rabbits are also a lot of work.

The ASPCA says thousands of ex-Easter bunnies are abandoned to shelters or dumped outside each year when the novelty wears off.

The ASPCA suggests giving your bunny-loving child a chocolate bunny, a stuffed toy bunny or even a book on rabbit care.

If you have your heart set on adopting a pet bunny, the House Rabbit Society has lots of information on bunny care and tips on adopting a bunny from a local shelter or rescue group.

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