Text a vet and save thousands on pet care costs

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Pet owners, has your fur ball gotten sick or hurt and you are debating an expensive visit to the vet?

There's a resource that could potentially save you time and money.

It's called Ask.Vet. The company's site is http://ask.vet

Dog owner Liz Bagot recently test drove the service.

Her dog Ginger chews on everything in the house.

"For example, she ate my favorite teddy bear in the whole world and swallowed one of the plastic eyeballs. I got really scared and thought 'Is this going to cut the lining of the stomach? Should I go to the vet?'" said Bagot.

Within minutes she was connected to a live, licensed veterinarian and had a texting conversation.

The first question is free. You can subscribe for a 90-day pass for $29.99 or an annual subscription for $79.99.

The service already saved Bagot thousands of dollars.

To get your free question answered by a licensed vet, text "VET" to 67076.

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