Massachusetts teens honored by police for rescuing pit bull puppy

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Two Massachusetts teens, Sam Rice and Brady Thebeau, were honored for helping to rescue an abandoned pit bull puppy. (WCVB)

When a pit bull puppy was found abandoned in a crate in the woods, two Massachusetts teens went out of their way to make sure he wound up safe and sound.

The puppy, who is believed to be only a few months old, was discovered deep in the woods on private property, according to WCVB. He was covered in insect bites and feces. Animal control believes he had been there for two days.

After a logger found him and the property owner gave him some water, friends Sam Rice and Brady Thebeau volunteered to care for him.

"He's a really friendly dog. As soon as we went up, he started wagging his tail and yipping," Rice told WCVB.

They took him home, cleaned him up and watched over him until animal control could arrive. They even gave him a name -- Brad, after Brad Pitt, since he is a pit bull.

The boys were honored by the Leicester Police Department during a press conference. Chief James Hurley credited them with helping the dog live.

"Obviously if you and the other two individuals had not taken action, this dog might not have survived," he said.

Police are looking for the person who abandoned the dog. They could face cruelty charges.

Doug Blood from Spencer Animal Control, who is now caring for the pup, said the dog's suffering could have been avoided if the owner had only picked up the phone.

"All that person had to do was call the police department or call the animal control officer in that town, and say, 'I got a dog and I want to surrender it,'" he told WCVB.

As for Brad, animal control is working to find the very best home for him.

"We hope this dog finds a great home," Thebeau said at the press conference. "I hope they have joy and love throughout this dog's life."

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