Pit bull attack sends woman to the hospital

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A pit bull attack sent a woman to the hospital.

It happened in a grassy field between a bayou and the East Freeway. The woman was so badly injured, she had to be hospitalized.

Christopher Andrus saw the whole thing.

"I stopped my truck and ran back as fast as I could," Andrus said. "He tore her thigh and her arm up."

Andrus says he has three pit bulls of his own and doesn't have anything against the animals. But he says this one was different.

"This pit bull was a maniac," said Andrus. "I've never seen one of its kind. It's probably the worst pit bull I've ever seen. He was mean."

Andrus and another man tried to stop the attack.

"It grabbed him on the pants and ripped his pant leg off. You could see all his leg, but he wasn't touched," said Andrus.

A Harris County sheriff deputy was waved down to help and shot the animal.

The dog's owner, Alan Miles, lives out of a van and cares for strays.

"He was my friend," said Miles. "This is not right."

He wasn't home at the time of the attack.

"They're all tied unless I'm there. If I'm there, I am outside with my animals," said Miles.

Miles said the dog Apollo's leash was mysteriously cut. He also says the injured passerby was walking where she shouldn't have been.

"if the chihuahuas are alive, means the pit bull is no danger. Unless you make him a danger. Somebody made that dog angry," said Miles.

The woman bitten is out of the hospital recovering.
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