PHOTOS: Massive alligator roams Florida golf course

ENGLEWOOD, Fla. -- Golfers beware! Myakka Pines Golf Course in Englewood, Florida, posted pictures of the giant alligator to their Facebook page that went viral, although not everyone believes the photos are real.

The photos shared by Myakka Pines Golf Course have been viewed thousands of times. Officials at the golf course say it's not a unusual to see a gator around these parts, but this one is huge!

"We have a lot of alligators around here because there are no houses for miles and it's just open swamp land," general manager Mickie Zada told ESPN. "Our members know that when they see a good one, to take pictures. And they did."

According to Zada, the club markets the alligator sightings to the public.

People on social media are questioning whether the pictures are real, suggesting they may have been Photoshopped.

Zada said this alligator isn't even the largest one she's seen.

"We had one that lived here for years, his name was Big George, who was probably 15 feet long," she said.

In the 37 years of business, she says there have been no incidents between golfers and alligators.
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