Pair of ponies stolen in SE Houston by brazen robbers

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A woman in the Houston's south side says her two ponies were stolen from their stable.

Joannah Ashley always kept the fence closed. The lock was enough to keep her ponies, Handsome and Peaches, from getting out, but not enough to prevent a thief from getting in.

"They're not pets, they're family. They're a part of you," Ashley said. "You take part of your day every day to, you know, be with them."

Ashley says her ponies went missing over the weekend, but the thief came back Wednesday night.

"They came back, stole the food, the feed barrels, the hay, saddles, saddle pads," Ashley said.

All of the supplies are worth about $5,000. Meanwhile, Ashley's business has come to a halt, too. Her ponies are a big hit at kids' birthday parties.

"I keep having calls come in, and I have to tell them, 'Oh I'm sorry, we can't work this weekend,'" Ashley said.

Ashley is especially worried about Peaches; she is pregnant and about to give birth.

"It's crushing when you're whole life just gets taken," Ashley said. "And then you realize how easy it really was."

She hopes whoever has her ponies has a change of heart and brings them back.

If you have any information on the stolen ponies, contact the Houston Police Department. You can also call Ashley directly at (713) 380-5660. She is offering a $500 reward.
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