Pilot makes it his mission to rescue battered North Carolina dogs

Paul visits North Carolina too often - as a dog rescue pilot.

He flies his own plane to pick up dogs from kill shelters and transports them to animal rescue groups so they can find forever homes.

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Paul usually puts as many dogs as he can in a flight, even up to about two dozen. He stacks the crates in the back, and even a furry co-pilot or two will sit in the front with him.

He says almost all of the nearly 600 dogs he's rescued stay calm during the flight. They must know they are being rescued, about to start a new life with someone who loves them.

However, one cold winter morning in Wilson, Paul didn't touch down with plans to fill his plane full of dogs. He was scheduled to pick up just 2 dogs.

So severely beaten and abused, they needed the entire space of the small plane for themselves and their beds.

When Paul saw Kimber and Rocky, they took his breath away.

Kimber was recovering from a gunshot wound to the head and Rocky was so malnourished, the pair could barely make it across the tarmac to even get in Paul's plane.

Paul would stop and let them rest, and then they would start again. A slow walk to freedom.

Once in the plane, Rocky laid down in his bed. But Kimber, barely able to see, clamored to the front to sit with Paul.

As Paul lifted the plane off the runway, Kimber relaxed. She spent the entire flight either curled up asleep next to him, or looking out the window. She was finally free.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC - which takes in the worst of abused animals - were waiting to pick up Rocky and Kimber when they landed. They immediately started with medical treatment.

The 2 dogs are now in foster care, waiting to find their forever homes. But they are free, and they are loved.

For more information about Paul's rescues visit FLYING FUR ANIMAL RESCUE's website, where you can also donate to the cause.

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