Little dog rescued from Bronx subway tracks by MTA worker

BRONX, NY -- A wayward dog that was rescued from a New York subway tunnel is now warm and safe in her new home.

Delta was found last week in the Fordham section.

MTA workers spotted her walking on a "D" line track, filthy and hungry.

Charles Gaston got her cleaned up, got her checked out at the vet, and then took her home.

Gaston has decided to adopt her.

"Nobody wanted the dog because she was dirty. Everybody thought she had fleas, she might have fleas, but as soon as everybody saw her cleaned up, they're like, 'We want the dog,' and I said, 'No, nobody is taking this dog now, this dog is mine now, that dog is mine," Gaston said.

Delta did not have a microchip.

It's still not clear where she came from or if she has a previous owner looking for her.
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