Looking for a new cat or kitten to add to your family?

Friday, May 8, 2015
Fantastic felines poster

Are you looking for a new cat or kitten for your family?

It's Springtime and that means lots of kittens being born. The Houston SPCA, like most Houston area rescue groups and shelters, is overloaded with cats and kittens right now.

So, the Houston SPCA is offering up a great deal!

All kittens and cats at the Houston SPCA are $5 to approved adopters today through Sunday. There's a limit of two per household. And your adoption application must be approved.

You can see some of the cats and kittens available for adoption right now on their website.

Keep in mind that new cats and kittens come into the shelter all the time, so there may be cats available for adoption that are not on the site. In addition, recently adopted animals may not have been removed from the site. Besides, you will want to meet the cats and kittens, in person before deciding which one is right for your family. You can't tell personality from a pretty picture.

If you do adopt this weekend, please share your pics with me on social media. Follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

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