Is this dog being abused? DA's office, others differ on answer

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The Harris County District Attorney's Office will not file criminal charges against the owners of a dog on a porch that has been the subject of a social media firestorm.

Eyewitness News has received many calls, comments and emails about photographs of the pit bull that have been widely circulated. One shows the dog on the balcony of a north Harris County condominium with a diaper on. In a separate photo, it appears there is some type of muzzle around its mouth. The pictures were taken by neighbor, Amber Cammack, who also said she reported the case to animal cruelty authorities.

Last Friday, Christina Paaske, a volunteer with a pit bull rescue group, was called to examine the female dog, named June, as the owners and Harris County Sheriff's deputies looked on. She told Eyewitness News the dog was emaciated and couldn't put weight on one leg because of a golf ball-sized knot on the back. She concluded the dog had been abused and neglected.

Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson has been addressing concerns and questions on her Facebook page since Tuesday.

Tuesday post:
Devon Anderson: "While we do not condone putting a band around a dog's muzzle, The Harris County Sheriff's Office, Harris County Animal Control and another agency all evaluated the dog and determined the animal to be in good health. The dog was also evaluated by a veterinarian, and based on all of their findings there will be no criminal charges filed at this time against the owner of the animal."
Wednesday post:
Devon Anderson: "The District Attorney's Office would like to thank all of the individuals that have taken time to report this incident to animal control, the Sheriff's Office, and the District Attorney's Office. Our office has taken an additional look at the facts relating to this dog and the reports that we have received. Unfortunately, the evidence is insufficient to merit criminal charges for animal cruelty under the Texas Penal Code. The Harris County District Attorney's Office and the agencies involved in this investigation do not condone animal cruelty and we appreciate your compassion and concern over this incident."

"I'm outraged," said Paaske, who believes charges should have been brought. She said she and her group will not stop until they can determine "June" is safe.

Meantime, Amber Cammack and her attorney have called a news conference for Thursday afternoon to address the concerns as well as her arrest which she says was the result of merely reporting the alleged abuse. The D-A dropped harassment charges against her.
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