HPD officer's actions with malnourished dog touches community

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An animal advocate called police about the animal and when the officer showed up, he went above and beyond to make sure he could save the dog (KTRK)

A dog was rescued Sunday night because of the efforts of a neighbor and a compassionate HPD officer.

The dog was severely dehydrated, had fleas and a hip injury, and was diagnosed with heartworms when he was brought to Gulfgate Animal Hospital Monday.

It all started when Nicholl Serrato said she saw a severely malnourished dog chained up in a southeast Houston backyard.

"He looked sad, and he looked skinny and alone and desperate," said Nicholl Serrato. "He would sit there and look at their back door, waiting for somebody to come out.

She said she would sneak him food every day hoping he would get better, but Sunday night she had enough. She posted a picture of him and, within hours, rescue groups and Houston police came out to take the dog away.

"Now he's going to recover," said Serrato. "He's going to go to a great foster home."

What surprised her was the kindness of one of the HPD officers. According to Serrato, the officer came to the house twice. The first time the dog owners refused to answer the door. The second time, he returned with another officer and was able to negotiate with them, saying he would give the dog a good home if they would surrender him.

The homeowners did and an animal rescue group took the dog in.

"This is something that happens to a lot of people that want to help all these animals but they can't, because they can't get anybody to respond," said Toni Graham, the founder of Sherlocks Journey Rescue. "So by this police officer just responding is amazing. It truly shows there are police officers out there who really do care."

Now this dog will be nursed back to health by a foster family who has named him Diesel, in honor of the dog shot in a Bay Area dog park.

"Me and my daughter believe you help the underdog, the ones that can't speak and fight for themselves. That's what we do," said Amanda Morse, the dog's foster mom.

Animal rescue experts said that there are 1.2 million stray animals in Houston that need help, and that's not counting the neglected pets in homes.

"If you know of an animal that's being abused and you don't report it, you're just as bad as the abuser," said Graham.

Eyewitness News reached out to the Houston Police Department but have not gotten the officers' account of the events yet. So far, there are no details on whether the homeowners face any neglect or animal abuse charges.
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