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Skin Cancer Awareness Month
Often when we think of cancer, we do not associate this disease with our pets. However, our loyal companions are susceptible to cancer too. This disease comes in many different shapes, sizes, forms, and can affect many different species. Tumors in the skin are some of the most commonly seen masses with both humans and animals.
Throughout the years, science has made advances in both medicine and technology. These advancements allow our doctors to diagnose cancer with more accuracy and greater ease.

Are your pets prepared for a natural disaster?

With hurricane season just around the corner, do you have an emergency kit prepared for all of your loved ones? Now is the time to establish a disaster plan and create an emergency kit for your family and pets. Each kit will need to be complete with all the essential supplies to help ensure that an evacuation is as smooth and stress free as possible. Because we live near the Gulf Coast, there is usually an advanced warning when a disaster is headed our way. This gives many pet owners an opportunity to make plans and purchase any necessary supplies. A disaster kit for your pets includes many of the same items that a person's kit may contain, but there are a few important differences. Click here for a list of things to include when packing your pet's emergency disaster preparedness kit.

Remember, the most important thing when preparing for an evacuation is to plan ahead and talk to your family veterinarian about what else they recommend, especially if you pet has any pre-existing medical problems.

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